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Petite Maxi Dress: Top Trends And Styling Tips For Looking Taller And Slimmer

by Lorean
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Elevate your fashion game with petite maxi dresses that not only keep you comfortable but also make you appear taller and slimmer. Discover the top trends and styling tips to enhance your petite frame and exude confidence in every step you take.

Since the  petite maxi dress is one of the best pieces of clothing to flatter your petite body type, it can also make you look taller and slimmer. So, in order to look chic and elegant for any given event, women with petite body types must wear maxi dresses. In this guide, we have mentioned the top styling tips to help you look sleek and elegant. 

1. What are the top trends for petite maxi dresses?

1. Petite Floral Applique Lace Pleated Maxi Dress

Petite Floral Applique Lace Pleated Maxi Dress | Neonpolice

Petite Floral Applique Lace Pleated Maxi Dress | Neonpolice

Indulge in the beauty of nature-inspired petite floral applique lace pleated maxi dresses, a true symbol of elegance for any occasion. With meticulous applique lace details that exude timeless charm and a floral print that radiates optimism, it’s a dress of unparalleled allure. The blouson sleeves, made from sheer pleated fabric, harmonize effortlessly with the pleated maxi skirt. Featuring a high neckline, this dress is expertly tailored for those 5’3″ and under, ensuring a perfect fit for a smaller frame with its thoughtfully shorter lengths.

2. Petite Damask Sequin Wrap Maxi Dress

Boohoo introduces a stunning range of petite maxi dresses, exclusively tailored for those standing 5’3” and under. Elevate your wardrobe with our diverse collection, featuring everything from floral patterns to bold thigh splits. Whether you’re jetting off on a getaway or indulging in a staycation, these dresses are your go-to choice. Simply complete the look with elegant barely-there heels and a chic clutch for an eye-catching ensemble. If a casual vibe is more your style, this Damask Sequin Wrap dress pairs effortlessly with chunky trainers and an oversized beach bag, making it a versatile addition to your closet.

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3. Petite Floral Animal Pleated V Neck Maxi Dress

Petite Floral Animal Pleated V Neck Maxi Dress | Neonpolice

Petite Floral Animal Pleated V Neck Maxi Dress | Neonpolice

Elevated by an enchanting animal floral print, this dress is the epitome of sophistication. Gentle pleats gracefully flow down to the maxi hemline, complemented by a captivating Watteau-style train that adds an ethereal touch. The corset bodice accentuates the waist, crafting a flattering silhouette. 

4. Petite Asymmetric Ruffle Midaxi Dress

Tailored specifically for individuals standing at 5’3″ and under, boohoo presents an exclusive range of petite maxi dresses, ideal for elevating your seasonal wardrobe with the asymmetric ruffle midaxi dress. Explore an array of designs, from captivating florals to audacious thigh splits, ensuring our collection of petite long dresses caters to all preferences. Whether you’re jetting off to exotic destinations or indulging in a relaxing staycation, these dresses can be effortlessly paired with delicate heels and a stylish clutch for a head-turning ensemble. A pro tip: if you prefer a more relaxed look, this dress pairs perfectly with chunky trainers and an oversized beach bag. 

5. Petite Metallic Asymmetric Midaxi Dress

Petite Metallic Asymmetric Midaxi Dress | Neonpolice

Petite Metallic Asymmetric Midaxi Dress | Neonpolice

Shine bright in this Petite Metallic Asymmetric Midaxi Dress. Perfectly designed to flatter those standing at 5’3″ and under, this dress exudes elegance and style. With its eye-catching metallic finish and unique asymmetric hem, it’s an ideal choice for special occasions. The tailored fit ensures it complements your smaller frame perfectly. Upgrade your wardrobe with this striking midaxi dress designed for petites.

2. Styling tips for petite maxi dress that will make you look taller and slimmer

Elevate your style game with these expert styling tips for petite maxi dresses, designed to create the illusion of height and a slender silhouette:

1. Optimal Fit 

Choose a petite maxi dress with the perfect fit; it should neither cling too tightly nor hang too loosely. A well-fitting dress will elongate your frame and make you appear taller.

2. High Waistline

Accentuate your curves and elongate your legs by opting for a dress with a high waistline. You can achieve this effect by using a belt or selecting a wrap dress.

3. Neckline Matters

Go for V-necks or scoop necklines, as they create a vertical line that visually lengthens your neck and torso. Avoid strapless or high-neck dresses that may diminish your height.

4. Wear Heels

Elevate your stature with heeled footwear. Classic heels work wonders, but if you’re not comfortable with stilettos, consider platform sandals or wedges for added height.

5. Monochromatic Magic

Embrace monochromatic ensembles in a single colour. This creates a seamless, elongated line. Alternatively, experiment with vertical prints like stripes or floral patterns.

6. Strategic Accessories

Accessorize thoughtfully to accentuate your best features and create balance. A statement necklace draws attention to your face, while earrings can lengthen your neck.

7. Confidence is Key

The ultimate style tip is to carry yourself with confidence. When you feel good in your outfit, you radiate style and elegance.


Petite maxi dresses are a game-changer for those with a smaller stature, offering an array of trendy options to suit various occasions. With the right styling tricks, you can embrace your height and create an effortlessly chic look that exudes sophistication. Make the most of these fashion-forward dresses and unlock a world of style possibilities.

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How long should a maxi dress be for petites?
Maxi dresses for petite individuals should ideally graze the top of your foot or ankle. Avoid excessively long styles that bunch up at the hem, as they can make you appear shorter.
How do you wear a maxi dress if you are petite?
To rock a maxi dress, opt for high-waisted designs to create the illusion of height. Embrace V-necklines for an elongating effect and consider heels or wedges for added stature.
Do maxi dresses look good on petite girls?
Maxi dresses can absolutely complement petite frames. The key lies in selecting the right length and fit to achieve an elongated appearance.

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